Our mission is to furnish comfortable homes offer exceptional financing while sharing Christ's love with everyone we serve!
How it started:
Stan Pickett founded Quality Home in 1975 to combat the outrageous rent to own price tags associated with the home furnishings industry. Over time we have grown to 2 stores in 2 wildly different markets and a standalone warehouse & distribution center. 
Family owned and family run: 
We are a small family business providing installment finance and brand name products to good people in the Mesquite and Canton trade areas. We currently have 4 immediate family in the operation of the business and design our selection with family in mind. 
In 2020 we also launched our private mattress line where if you buy a mattress we'll donate one to someone in need in our community. 
We currently operate 2 stores, one in Mesquite, Texas and the other in Canton, Texas.
Our aim is to offer our customers top name brand products at competitive prices, and to provide various financing options that are both timely and offer easy approval.
If you honor us with your business you can expect the following values to be adhered to:
Quality Core Values
  • People Matter
    • We believe that every person is made in the image and glory of God and therefore deserves dignity and respect. Period
    1. QBQ
      • Question Behind the Question – We take personal responsibility for our actions and that of Quality Furniture
      1. Self-Employed
        • We each earn our paycheck like we own this place. Though we are part of a bigger organization we have a Self-Employed Mentality
        1. Family
          • We LOVE family! We make it a priority to treat our team like family and for us all to spend time with our families as much as we can!
          1. Team
            • We don’t hire employees – We’re part of a TEAM and act like it.
            1. NO – GOSSIP
              • Negatives go UP and Positives go Down and all around.
              • We do not tolerate Gossip.
            • Work unto the Lord
              • Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23.
              • While you don’t have to believe in anything or a particular faith to work here - We believe that we are called to a higher purpose – and we work like it!
              1. # Nerd
                • Nerds run this company – we are always learning and always improving. Change is inevitable – growth is optional.
                1. Permission to Screw Up
                  • We ALL make mistakes – you have permission to screw up. We require that WHEN you screw up you:
                    • Tell the Truth
                    • Tell it Yourself
                    • Tell it Quickly
                2. Momentum
                  • Focused Intensity over Time Multiplied by God = Unstoppable Momentum