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Trackster - Twin Car Bed - Black

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This sleekly designed race car bed comes in a variety of colors and styles for the future speed enthusiast. The wheels have embedded LED lighting, while the headlights double as a night light. Side doors swing open realistically and close magnetically, while the sides and headboard shaped like seats are upholstered in padded leatherette. But it's not just all about looks - the bed comes with a four-option music selections via wireless remote controller for maximum bedtime fun!

Product Features
  • Leatherette, ABS, Others
  • Race Car Design
  • Remote Control for 4 Sound Options
  • Headlights as Night Lights
  • Mattress Ready (Max 8"H)
  • Magnetic Opening Doors
  • Upholstered Headboard and Sides
  • Embedded LED Lights on Wheels and Bottom
  • 91 3/4"L X 49 1/4"W X 34 1/2"H

Trackster - Twin Car Bed - Black
91.75"W x 49.25"D x 34.5"H - 156.6 lb